Cosmetics PCD Franchise- How to be an Indirect Manufacturer

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India is a very diverse economy from plains to mountains to seas, we have it all. In all the different terrains, the skin is different and so are the skin care routines of the people. Ex- in the mountains people have dry skin and sales of cosmetics with a deep moisturizing effect is more and similarly people living in coastal areas have normal to oily skin due to high humidity in these areas hence the demand of sunscreen is more as compared to in other terrains. Not only India is a diverse country, but it also is a country that homes 1.6 billion people. This makes India a huge market for the production, buying and selling of the cosmetics products. Cosmetics PCD franchise is a great way to enter this huge market and churn profits out of this.

Definition of Cosmetics PCD Franchise?

Basically, manufacturers of cosmetics products provide exclusive marketing and selling rights to a client in a designated area.

Benefits of Cosmetics PCD Franchise to Cosmetics Manufacturers in India

This helps the Cosmetics manufacturer in India to spread its products extensively in the deeper and intense market without taking much headache and the franchisee gets to set up a whole business and earn a good amount of income from this set- up. With the time and money that a manufacturer saves from delegating the sale and marketing part of the process, they invest these resources in research and development of new technology, formulations and products that can benefit the entire ecosystem.

Challenges faced by Cosmetics Manufacturers in India

Intense competition- the cosmetics market in India is a highly competitive market. The cosmetics manufacturers in India not only have to face domestic competition, but they also have to face intense competition from global companies and brands. Korean beauty products are in high demand due to their innovation and distinctly different formulations.
Saturated market- as long as the human race has existed, so has the cosmetics beauty industry. Due to this, the industry has hit a saturation point and only the players with innovative products can succeed. Brands like rare beauty, charlotte tilbury, Skin venture etc. have proven innovative products that are liked by the customers.
Expensive Research and development- as innovation is the only way out of intense competition in this highly saturated market, companies spend a lot on extensive research and development. This increases the cost of production, resulting in an expensive end product. India is a price sensitive market and keeping a low selling point is the only way out.

Some companies also opt for third party cosmetics manufacturing, which means they hire another company to produce or manufacture a product for them as per their requirements. This helps in saving on the cost of manufacturing, the cost of setting up an entire manufacturing plant and cost of R&D.

Cosmetics PCD franchise is a really good option provided to the companies by Cosmetics manufacturers in India. This helps them in focusing on development of a new product and then selling that product to the masses in different economies and people of different terrains.

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