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The derma roller for hair revitalization is an example of revolutionizing the derma and hair care industry. It is a premium product for hair fall treatment and regrowth. Nowadays, many dermatologists suggest their patients use a derma roller to promote the regrowth of the hair.

You can see that baldness has become an unusually common problem at such a young age. Unhealthy eating habits and nutritional deficiencies lead to early age hair fall and receding hairlines in youth. This is why the dermatology industry has been making rigorous efforts to bring some innovation and modern treatment methods for hair problems.

What are PRP treatments and Hair transplants?

Hair transplant: In this venture, they have innovated two prime techniques to regrow fallen hair: PRP (plasma-rich platelets) treatment and hair transplant. However, hair transplantation is a costly process where a surgeon may transplant hair from dense to partially or completely bald areas. However, this process is painful and has a lower success rate.

PRP treatment: On the contrary, PRP treatment is very cheap and more effective. It’s also a non-surgical process where a doctor may drain your little amount of blood and separate plasma-rich platelets to inject it again into the head, scalp, or bald area. This process, in repetition, may regrow hair and make it dense by promoting new hair growth. That is why PRP treatments are often considered more secure and cheaper options for hair revitalization.

What is the use of a derma roller for hair growth?

Well, as we know, a derma roller for hair is an instrument that looks like a roller or drum and has sharp, tiny needles that finely penetrate the scalp while rolling on it. This process creates microchannels on the scalp’s skin to stimulate hair growth. Rolling the derma roller on the scalp also promotes blood flow to the scalp and triggers the follicles to grow new hair.

Derma rollers play a very important role in PRP treatment. After every PRP session, doctors recommend the use of a derma roller to boost the growth and stimulation of the hair. Along with the use of hair vitalizing agents such as medicated hair serum or lotion, derma rollers may produce miraculous results in hair growth treatment.

Use of derma roller for hair with hair-vitalizing agents

It is always advised to use a derma roller along with hair-revitalizing medicated agents. These hair vitalizers promote hair growth and essentially stop hair fall. Most of these hair vitalizers consist of “Minoxidil and Finasteride”. Both these drugs are medically proven to stop hair fall and stimulate hair growth. Using a derma roller for hair along with hair vitalizing agents may produce the desired results for making hair dense and thick again.

Derma PCD franchise for Hair vitalizer

As we know that derma rollers are more effective with the use of hair-revitalizing solutions, we must know which hair-revitalizing solutions are best for hair growth. Hair revitalizing serum that contains Minoxidil and Finasteride is best for hair growth.

We offer our derma PCD franchise for our hair revitalizer solution. At “Skin Venture,” we manufacture the most effective and best-result-producing hair revitalizing solution named “HAIR VENTURE TOPICAL SOLUTION.” This hair regrowth solution has a composition of Minoxidil 5% + Finasteride 0.1%. Skin Venture recommends using this hair stimulation solution with a derma roller for excellent results.

In conclusion, Skin Venture is a reliable derma PCD franchise company in India that offers unique products in the hair care market for franchisees. Our company produces high-quality hair care products that are highly favored and reasonably priced in the market. You can launch a successful business in the derma PCD franchise sector and make a flawless entry into the derma market by acquiring the franchise rights for our product.

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