Why Fungal Infection Cream is the Perfect Product for Derma PCD Franchise?

Why Fungal Infection Cream is the Perfect Product for Derma PCD Franchise?

Especially in summer, derma PCD franchise companies in India are offering fungal infection cream franchises to many other pharma companies to meet the market supply. We all know that the Indian summers are difficult to cope with, especially when atmospheric moisture remains high. Highly moist air can cause certain problems on the skin, one of them being fungal infections, itching and ringworms. These are probably the most common fungal infection which occurs during moist summertime. 

In summer, the human body sweats a lot, which makes the skin itchy and moist and that becomes a reason for fungus attacks. Because fungi require moist places to grow. When any fungi come in contact with the human body it becomes infectious and grows further. Most of the time these fungi infections are not serious and treatable with a good anti-fungal cream or ointment. 

Which ointment or cream is best for treating fungal infections

The most effective, fast reactive ointment is Medliva Lifescinence’s “Dermivos Plus”. Dermivos Plus is a uniquely formulated fungal infection cream that provides faster relief from various skin infections. It is highly effective against ringworm, summer itch and other fungal skin infections. The requirement for fungal infection ointments is high in summer and Medliva’s antifungal ointment is among the most effective and cost-friendly creams. 

Talking about Medliva is a division of “Casca Remedies” which is one of India’s biggest Derma franchise companies. That is why, Medliva also provides very aspiring Derma PCD franchise for fungal infection ointment. And yes, summer is indeed the right time to own a Derma franchise to capitalize on the season’s need.

Formulation of fungal Infection cream or ointments

A specific formulation is required to produce an effective anti-fungal cream. This formula is generally integrated with Ofloxacin, Ornidazole, Itraconazole, Clobesterol Propionate, Methylparaben and Propylparaben. Dermivos Plus is produced under this specific formulation, which makes it best for treating fungal infections. Medliva Lifesciences has been producing this ointment under the very same formula for years. And, it is Medliva’s most franchised derma product. 

Choosing the Derma PCD franchise of Medliva Lifesciences can make your business grow in the Summer.

It is a saying that Summer and rain are doctors and pharmacy’s seasons. Because these seasons bring viral, bacterial and fungal infections with them. The probability of catching any infection is greater in these seasons. That is why if someone is thinking about owning a franchise, high demand for medicines in summer and rainy seasons could help in starting a franchise. 

On the other hand, we as Medliva Lifesciences guarantee our franchisees a continuous supply of our derma products. Our Dermivos Plus is a highly salable ointment or cream in the market. We have a big brand name and already built a market reputation with our derma products.

Talking about our lucrative and cost-effective would be the best option this summer to capitalize on the season’s medical requirements.

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