Indian’s Obsession With Hair Care Products: Shampoo-A prime haircare product in the Indian Market

Skin Venture

For many years popping up of fancy shampoo advertisements on television is a piece of clear evidence in the rise of the hair care market in India. This rise in the market leads many derma PCD franchises to become operational in the hair care sector.

In modern times, using shampoo for cleaning the hair and head has become compulsory for everyone. Most of us are living in an urban jungle of concrete, where pollution rates remain high at all times. And with this pollution, our heads and hair become so dirty that they need to be washed with a good shampoo every day. And we know that when there is high demand, there is large production and supply is required.

To fulfil the high demand for shampoo products in India, production of shampoo has increased tremendously. With thorough research in the Market, many pharma companies are manufacturing different shampoo products. Nowadays, shampoos are available in many categories like anti-hair fall, anti-dandruff and many more. All these shampoos have a consumer in the market.

Challenges in the Shampoo industry

The shampoo industry is facing a different type of challenge. Actually, every consumer wants a shampoo that suits their hair type. For example, the market is now flooded with anti dandruff, anti-hair fall, long hair, oily hair and numerous sub categorized shampoo products. They are selling because people consume them. This categorization in the shampoo industry challenges manufacturers to manufacture and market all different types of shampoos that customers desire. India has a few manufacturers who can produce a whole range of shampoo.

Choose a third-party manufacturer or PCD franchise for your shampoo brand

That is why, owning a Derma PCD franchise in India is a wiser option. Why manufacture and put in high capital when you can just shake hands with a franchise provider and become their franchisee? Skin Venture is a branded franchise and third-party pharm manufacturer in India. They offer both derma PCD franchise and third-party manufacturing of the whole shampoo range. They have a complete range of aloe vera shampoo, egg protein shampoo, rice water shampoo, onion shampoo and anti dandruff shampoo.

Skin Venture manufactures all types of shampoos under its manufacturing unit. Like them, no one in India has that range of shampoo manufacturing under one roof. Many big companies are their clients for the manufacturing of their products. Skin Venture also provides a very flexible and cost-friendly PCD franchise. Under their franchise, a company can market and supply their products to gain revenue.

All their shampoo brands are already famous in the market. Just take advantage of their firm market presence and become a franchisee of the most renowned derma PCD franchise in India.

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